These are tutorials for my students to use to aid them in their class work. If anyone else would like to use them they are welcome to. But make sure you check or work.

Dreamweaver setup for class

Use your personal settings and make sure to export your settings once you have them saved and carry them with you as a backup.
Project 01

Dreamweaver Setup

This panel is the site setup manager. It is where you will set up your site for maintaining your web site. It is very important in Dreamweaver to have a defined to use all the features with in the program correctly. Failing to do so will give you a great deal of frustration.

  • Instructor: David Barton
  • Role: Web Designer, Web Developer, Photography, Illustration
  • Year: 2013

PHP MyAdmin main page

The control panel is for making and managing your mysql databases. Your are allowed two databases by default through the school system.
Project 02

The basic settings for PHP MyAdmin

The PHP MyAdmin web app is your gateway to manipulate your databases for your web sites. The you are allowed two datebases but you can only build them in the web control panel not PHPMyAdmin. You can delete them in the there as well and not have any cost under then loosing all your information in the databse. The program does allow you to backup, export, import and enter your data into your databases.

  • Instructor: David Barton
  • Role: Web Designer, Web Developer,
  • Year: 2013

Web control pannel

These are simple guidelines to aid you in working with the web control pannel.
Project 03

Web Control Panel

This is where you have control over your site. Your login information is found here as well as your access to upload your files and to manage your databases. Word of advise is to never back up your site. It will take away all your storage space.

  • Instructor: David Barton
  • Role: Web Designer, Web Developer, Photography, Illustration
  • Year: 2013

File Manager

The file manager is the key way to work with your files through the browser.
Project 04

File Manager for your web site.

The file manage is for uploading and moving your files from directory to directory. The file manager also allows you to create and edit your files with out having to go to another program. Your permissions can also be managed through the browser.

  • Instructor: David Barton
  • Role: Web Designer, Web Developer, Photography, Illustration
  • Year: 2013

Lightroom SlideShow

The slideshow will allow you many opprotunities to create a movie or a pdf self playing slideshow.
LR slideshow

Lightroom SlideShow panel

By choosing the slideshow module along the top tab you can create slideshows with your images. The section also allows the addition of the music or a pdf which is a free playing on both the mac and pc.

  • Instructor: David Barton
  • Role: Web Designer, Web Developer, Photography, Illustration
  • Year: 2013

Lightroom web panel

Where your setup your web site in Lightroom.
Project 06

Lightroom Web Panel

The web module is located in the top panel of the main window. It will allow you to use the templates to the left or create a custom web page to the right.

  • Instructor: David Barton
  • Role:Web Designer, Web Developer, Photography, Illustration
  • Year: 2013

My name is David Barton

I work at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh as a full time instructor. I have been working at the college for the past 11 years. I'm also an adjunct teacher at Chatham University in the Film and Digital Technology department.

Before coming to Pittsburgh, I spent eight years in Poplar Bluff Missouri working as the chief photographer for the paper. During my stay in Missouri I managed the computers and the photography for two papers concurrently. We ushered in the the digital age with many techniques and technology which much was experimental at the time. It was a great learning experience.


I enjoy walking and working around the house these days. But mountain biking, photography, fishing, and working on the computer are my favorite past times. Living in Pennsylvania's western side is a great playground to photograph the sites and animals.


Growing up in a small Kansas town and heading off the school was always a goal, but I never wanted to jump head long into the big school experience. So I took my time and built up to the big schools.
Now I still would not call PSU or Chatham massive but they are rather large and diverse Universities. Always having a love for the photo and computer side of my life that is where I tended to seek out.
Teaching now was never an intend but having a family full of very respected teachers I should have know that it was bound to be some where in my career. I do have my grand father, 2 grand mothers, and a father to thank for any love of teaching I might have. My mother really didn't teach full time but was a master of just about everything so teaching is something she did eventually get into after my leaving home.

  • Oxford High School

  • Cowley County Community College

         AA Journalism 1983
  • Pittsburg State University

          BA Communication 1985
  • Chatham University

          MFA Film & Digital Technology 2005


“ Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness. ” W. Eugene Smith, brainyquote


My Dogs

What can one say about your dogs. They are family they eat, sleep and play as full members of the family. Karenna 19 is the queen of the house, and Lorelia 2, is the princiess in waiting. But don't think she is waiting long she will be off and running if your not paying attention to her.
Last year was a hard one for the family we lost two treasured members. Bandit 18, left us in the summer and Leica 13 in the early winter. They where both great losses for us in 2012. But we also picked up Lorelia that same year so its not all losses. She keeps the loss at a minimum.