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Here, there and everywhere... what we've been doing

Christmas Lights

Four Walls Publishing

March 30th

Matt Chaney's Four Walls Publishing was given a redesign this year. I brought the sales side and the blog side of his online presents together. The Wordpress blog Matt was using was updated with a new theme. That helps promote his writings. Chaney is a popular author in Missouri.

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Sl Prasher web site.

S L Parasher

September 17th

This is a site in development showing off the work of SL Prasher. SL was a very popular artist, educator, and father in India. His family hosts a number of different media channels to promote his work and celebrate his life. The site is a combination of his work and his life.

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Adey Shoppify site.

Adey's Designs

December 20

This site is setup to promote the art of Adey Yilma. It is a Shoppify site which allows customers to purchase her work. It is a content managment system which I setup to allow her to sell her products. She has an assortment of custom glassware, clothing and accessories.

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My Interests

I'm doing a couple of things you might be interested in

HDR Images

Taking photography to the next level in tonal quality. Using the combination of photography and computer skills bring those images I enjoy taking so much, to the next level.


Working with students and learning learning new techniques are always a challenge. I have really loved the scripting classes. Watching the look on ones face when they finally get what you have been teaching is so rewarding.

Responsive design

Making sites that conform to the viewing platform. Desktop to smart phone you have to keep your hand in the process to keep ahead of the curve.


The rules that allow you to direct your viewers eye when the visit your site or view your images. This is a skill that many strive to control but never seem to really master. Many master spend their life trying to control the design which is so important.

The world just does not fit conveniently
into the format of a 35mm camera.

About Me




My first love is photography.  I spending 14 years shooting everything from house fires to Bengal tigers. It was a fun ride that still has me shooting virtually everything. Two cameras with me most of every minute of my waking days. I find it a thrill beyond words to capture history in images that move those around you days or even years later.

Programming is a second line of learning for me. I have always had my hand in some form of computers either fixing or building them since high school. I even have fond memories of my dad and I in computer classes at the local high school. Starting with a RadioShack TRS-80 to peak my interest and by todays standards its very hard to convey to students those early experinces. That crazy start is what lead me into a field that was to be an eventual marraige of two careers into one. Who would have thought in those early days that the camera would eventually be digital computer.


My early years with the newspaper introduced me to the using computers to develop images and eventually take that skill into pagination of photostories in the newspaper. Learning to make separations for individual images then to full newspaper pages and on to double trucks. It was a great learning experience. It sounds odd but I was using the computer long before switching over to a digital camera. My early intrest really meant that I had a little foot hold in the field before from my college years.

Making that switch

Moving from Newspapers to the digital world was a big step and one which eventually lead me to teaching. The digital world is one where you can be more mobile and still explore the possibilities that is the electronic world. Traveling the country with trade show exhibits. Allowed me to see the country. Its opened many new doors including teaching which brought a smile to my dads face. He taught, his dad taught, his mother taught, my mother taught as did her mother and grandmothers sisters and brothers. So the long line of teachers continues.

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
Ansel Adams

My Work

Latest projects we've been working on

Daisy Dream

Making a whimsical view of the world around you is what I'm after here. Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. Claude Monet
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Lorelia making faces

Working with a cute little girl making faces next to you is really a hard to concentrate. She is a little clown at times but always a good girl.
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Nature images

I started out my photography with a passion for shooting images of animals and that passion grown. I just keep changing lenses.
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North of the border

Its been a pleasure of late to travel to the north country in both the north east and west to enjoy the Canadian boarder. The site and the people are really a relaxing way to enjoy a vacation.
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Travel images

My adventures in New York, San Diego, West Virgina, Washington DC and a couple of other places which really have enhanced my appreciation for the history.
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Growing up with family ties to the Pittsburg Kansas its been quite a change living in the Big Pittsburgh PA. Enjoying the city and all its treasures has been a great experience.
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From the West coast to the east I have a collection of Sunsets. Lorelia and I have traveled far and wide to collect our images for you to enjoy. Yes she loves flying on an airplane. She is normally the hit meeting everyone with a smile.
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Enjoying the flowers up close

The wild flowers to those found in gardens and front yards. Looking for those patches is always catch my eye.
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View from an Airplane

Enjoying the mountains and views from the clouds. They are always a breath taking moment. This is an assortment of arial views.  
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Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.

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David Barton
1904 Brushcliff rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15221 USA


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